Child Care LLP is primarily a Legal Aid Practice and where funding is available, the costs will be met through the Legal Aid Agency.

Occasionally, work is undertaken in children cases when public funding through the Legal Aid Agency is not available on either a means and/or merits basis.

The costs below are for guidance only and in discussion, we would hope to be able to come to an arrangement that suits both us and the client and limits to funding can always be agreed.

Wherever possible, we will follow the Legal Aid remuneration rates.

If the case is particularly complex, we will agree with you the percentage uplift on the figures set out below up to a maximum of 50%.

Hourly Rate £100.00
Routine Letters out £10.00
Routine Letters received £5.00
Routine Telephone calls £10.00

Advocacy (representing you in Court)

  • Hearing up to 1 hour – £100.00
  • Hearing up to 2.5 hours – £250.00
  • Hearing up to 4 hours – £400.00
  • Final hearing fees (per day) – £750.00

In respect of hearings, if the Court Bundle exceeds 350 pages, there will be an additional fee of £160.00.  If the Court Bundle exceeds 700 pages, there will be an additional fee of £250.00 and if the Bundle exceeds 1400 pages, an additional fee of £325.00.  These are often known as Bolt-on fees.

In addition, if there are serious allegations of harm, a lack of understanding or expert cross-examination, the hearing fee will be increased by 25%.

All of our charges will be plus VAT at the relevant rate.

Arrangements can be made for interim billing or monthly payments.